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Sensory Activities To Help Your Child Calm Down

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I love writing about sensory activities for toddlers and children because there are some amazing and simple ideas that you can use to help your child calm down. Whether you're whipping up a quick sensory bin or a calm-down bottle, creativity abounds from parents on the internet, and we can all take advantage. In fact, I'd wager you have enough ingredients for some of these activities lurking in a closet at home right now. So if your toddler is bouncing off the walls, take a deep breath and choose one of these great ideas. 

Children and toddlers are often working through big emotions they experience but don't yet understand. Sensory activities can help them move past their frustration and onto a more calming task, like scooping or sorting. Feeling different textures and objects, and exploring them with their hands, helps kids to regulate breathing in addition to helping them hone fine and gross motor skills and practice language development. 

All children can benefit from sensory activities, and you'll likely find that these activities will capture your little one's attention for longer than you might expect!